Hi there:

I’m the utility manager at a large urban hospital in the Boston area.  Each year we consume over $25M worth of utilities, so identifying and implementing energy savings projects is an important component of our business.  Especially as we try to work within the framework of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or, pejoratively, “Obamacare”.)

Let me make clear up front that the opinions expressed in the blog are mine alone and in no way reflect on the positions taken by my employer on the topics that are discussed, nor do they influence how I carry out my duties on behalf of my employer.  This is just a small attempt to engage in dialogue about our energy future as average citizens.

For some strange reason, I find the theory and engineering pertaining to energy to be extremely interesting and enjoyable.  Hence, at least part of the motivation for trying out this blog.

In addition, I am somewhat appalled by the ignorance displayed by average Americans when it comes to issues of energy, energy pricing and energy technologies.  So perhaps one or two people may even stumble up this and learn something.

Oh yeah, I like to kayak and bicycle, am an avid reader, and seldom decline a good glass of Scotch.  Striper fishing on a beautiful summer day is great too!



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