Carbon Tax?

Today, On Point radio will host Tom Friedman, who will discuss his reasoning in calling for a carbon tax.

Let me first say that On Point is a wonderful program that I encourage everyone to check out.  Shows can also be downloaded as podcasts.  On Point’s web site is located here:

Regarding Friedman, I am not a huge fan, but I think this discussion merits attention.  If we believe that dumping millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and into the oceans each year is a bad idea (full disclosure, I do) and if we wish to encourage people to reduce their CO2 emissions, what tools do we use?  Economic?  Regulatory? Philosophical? Civic?

Friedman will argue economic, and for the United States, he may be right in principle, if not in practice.  The Friedman conversation is located here:

I have been preoccupied lately with various matters and have been lax in posting, but will try to remedy that, since there is still a fair bit of my energy agenda to outline.  Certainly additional thinking about how we reduce carbon dioxide emissions needs to be a part of that discussion.

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