What’s going on here?

We’ll see if I have the energy to maintain this, but I would like this to be a spot to offer reflections on energy, entropy, energy conservation, new energy technologies, carbon emissions and energy/carbon policies.  Some of my views and thoughts are technical in nature, while others brush against politics and philosophy.  And I confess that some opinions may reduce to railing against some of the dumb things I see out there in the world.

I suppose this brushes up against the currently in-vogue “sustainability”, but I find energy to be much more direct and concrete, since sustainability can include things like worrying about renewable bamboo flooring and locally sourced products – things that interest me only tangentially.

Since it’s unlikely anyone will actually read this beside me, I suppose I can use this first post to provide an outline of some of the topics I hope to cover, in no particular order:

  • In praise of energy as a worldview and as a descriptive force.
  • What is energy, anyway?
  • What is entropy?
  • Do you have any idea how much energy you use, and what it physically means? =>>Ans: Probably Not.
  • Why counting on “Technology Breakthroughs” is probably not the prudent bet.
  • You cannot burn hydrocarbons without generating carbon dioxide.  Sorry.
  • Geo-Engineering and why we are probably fated to try it.
  • Describing energy and emissions in other terms (you’ll see what I mean.)
  • Calculating Savings.
  • Calculating Emissions.
  • The conceptual failure of certain energy policy developments.
  • Why is energy not in the curriculum?
  • Entropy and Life
  • Other stuff as it strikes my fancy.

We’ll use that as our starting point.